Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Self Defined - Editorial

For my self-defined brief I decided to select an article from any of the national newspapers and set myself a 48 hour deadline to come up with an illustration to support it, and repeat this process. I had a few ideas as to what to do for this project but I decided on this approach so that I could work on improving my image concepts and the speed in which I work.

Below are a few examples of what I have been doing, I need to scan all my 'working out' and upload soon after I have compiled all my loose scraps of paper into some sort of order.

Initial ideas for an article about the rise in university degree prices and the amount of people that have been put off by this.

Final Ideas complied and sketched into a rough.

Final drawing before scanning and adding colour etc.

Final work.

Initial sketch for an article about internet piracy involved in the music and film industry and the measures being taken to 'police' the internet.

Continuing to scribble down differnt ideas and ways of working up the roughs into final work.

One of a couple of final versions for this piece, at the moment I prefer this one but will upload the other versions soon.

Sketches for an article about prisoners being able to study for degrees whilst in prison, including law degrees.

Drawing before adding colour and background elements on photoshop.

Final drawing.

I will scan the rest of my sketchbook work as well as upload the other finals I have done so far tonight and tomorrow.

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