Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Self-Initiated Brief - 'Decay'


It's taken me a while to get an idea together and get stuck into this new brief but I think I have finally started getting into it. I wanted to take the opportunity with the self-initiated brief to choose a theme or subject rather than a final outcome straight away, and then explore that theme through drawing, photograpghy etc and then take my ideas further. I have decided to go with the title 'Decay' and have begun to sketch and photograph things around me I think are relevant, and although I don't know exactly the direction I want to take it as of yet, I am hoping that by getting out there and doing, the ideas will come. I have already thought about the obvious physical side of decay looking at architectural and general urban decay, but I also want to look at social and political decay to see if there are any ways of taking my ideas further down those roads. I have intentionally left the title quite open and without serious direction, as I want my ideas to build, grow and develop over time rather than spending my time just focusing on the 'commercial' purpose of the work rather than necessarily the thought behind the work itself.

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