Monday, 10 October 2011

People & Environment project

I have begun to throw initial ideas around for my new project which is about people and their environments. I want to focus on the interactions between the two, how they change and manipulate each other and their power to change.

I have been travelling around a lot recently between the countryside and the city and began noticing changes in people, culture and environment that I hadn't noticed before. I don't mean the obvious architectural/aesthetic differences, but more subtle differences and it got me thinking, can an environment really have that much ability to sculpt us into the people we are or are we just the way we are and it has no influence at all? Then I flipped the question around, do we choose to manipulate the environment to suit us without thinking about the consequences of these changes on others and their new influences?

I've just been scribbling, collecting and sketching but I have begun to find a direction which is interesting me and could be the basis of my work for the next few weeks.

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